Working on a media project for your class and not sure where to begin? Media Commons offers services to help you envision, produce, and publish multimedia projects. Schedule an appointment for individualized help or check-out the following resources.

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Project Planning

Effective project planning will reduce frustration while working – especially in a group setting – and add depth to your assignment, ensuring you the best possible outcome.


Learn the tools of the trade, borrow equipment and schedule time to both studio and editing space for the production of your own media masterpiece.

Borrow Equipment

Borrow Equipment (UP only)

Commonwealth students: learn about equipment lending on your campus page.


Add professional quality effects and support media to your project and the share your work using software and resources available at all locations.

Publish with Box

Publish with Box

Be sure to check your assignment for your instructor’s publishing requirements.

Still Need Some Help?

If you’re still feeling stuck or just want to talk with someone about where to go next, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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