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Our Mission

Media Commons, Maker Commons + IMEX Lab are provided by Teaching and Learning with Technology, a department within Penn State University Libraries, and make up the core of the Creative Learning Initiatives group. Our primary mission is to provide expert guidance and support for the Penn State community as it strives to enrich the learning experience through appropriate and pedagogically sound uses of digital media technologies for teaching. We endeavor to achieve our mission by answering Why, How and What:


We believe that empowering creativity, empathy, and curiosity is the key to innovative teaching and learning.


By taking a human-focused approach to design and technology evaluation, we create innovative learning experiences that activate student and faculty creativity, empathy, and curiosity. By fostering reciprocal relationships, scaling and supporting media, maker and immersive technologies, and inventing new solutions where opportunity exists, we serve the mission of advancing education into the future.


We provide access to at-scale technologies across the entire university, create support and training opportunities through consultations, workshops, and online resources, identify gaps in existing technology stacks and create new solutions, and provide multiple on ramps for engagement to meet students and faculty where they are in their personal and professional journeys.