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Media Commons Workshops are a series of small-group, hands-on training sessions designed to give you a brief introduction to various digital media concepts and software packages. The sessions are short so you can easily fit them into your class period or work day.



The Engaged Storytelling presentation provides students with an overview of the universal principles of storytelling, strategies for translating their written research and course content to visual or medium-appropriate media, and uses interactive activites to help students apply these concepts to a variety of different mediums including video, podcasting, websites (via Adobe Spark), 360° video, social media, and more. This is a customizable workshop that can be tailored to meet the needs of the course and preferred technologies and mediums.

Tour of the many services and technologies offered by Media Commons including One Button Studios, 3D printing, immersive experiences, rapid prototyping, audio recording, storytelling, video editing and more. This workshop can be customized to include the services and technologies most relevant to your course and assignment.

This workshop covers the basics of recording and publishing a podcast or voiceover using GarageBand.

This workshop is intended for those new to iMovie or who want to brush up on the tools and techniques used for basic video editing.

This workshop is intended for those new to Final Cut Pro X and have projects that require advanced editing tools and techniques.

This workshop covers the use of Adobe Spark for the creation of online portfolios, blogs, and webpages.

Advanced Website Creation with Adobe Portfolio

This workshop covers the use of Adobe Portfolio for the creation of online portfolios, blogs, and websites.

Photo Editing with Adobe Lightroom CC

This workshop covers the use of Adobe Lightroom CC for basic photo editing including color correction, cropping, straightening, and re-touching.

This workshop covers the use of Adobe InDesign for the creation of research and academic posters. 

This workshop introduces the use of Tinkercad for simple geometric 3D modeling and preparing the models for 3D printing.

This workshop introduces the concepts of Design Thinking and rapid prototyping using littleBits to quickly invent and test ideas to solve real problems.

This advanced training will introduce the littleBits Arduino microcontroller and IDE to build familiarity with user customized programming options for input and output control. Other topics covered will include covering the workflow for accessing and using the Invention Studio.

360° Video Experiences and Cameras Introduction

This workshop demonstrates the variety of storytelling and creative opportunities made possible by immersive 360° video, as well as serving as an introduction to the unique 360° cameras and workflows used to create these stories (if applicable to project).

This workshop covers the workflows, tools, and techniques for editing 360° immersive video using Adobe Premiere Pro.

Additional Topics…

Ask us about incorporating additional topics and concepts into these workshops that may be useful to your class assignment.

Possible additional topics include: One Button Studio Demonstration, Video Production Tips, Public Service Announcement (PSA)-style Videos, Documentary-style Videos, Interview-style Videos, and Video Introductions for Stand-out Résumés.

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