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The End is Near

We’ve nearly reached the end of the Spring 2019 semester! With so many projects coming due in the next couple of days, Media Commons is well-aware that things are going to be crazy. If you need to make an appointment or book a resource, now’s a great time to get started – and here are some quick links to get you there:

Book an Appointment at University ParkLearn About Commonwealth Resrouces

Need help with something?

Working on a media project for your class and not sure where to begin?

a collection of resources for getting started with multimedia production

start designing and implementing digital media projects in your classes

learn about studio and editing spaces across the Commonwealth

learn how to set up MC Storage Space and properly back up your project

engage any audience with these universal storytelling principles + practices

Free Media Library

learn about copyright and identify media sources for use in your projects

if you need help, talk with Media Commons staff by phone or web

explore topics covering multimedia software, equipment and techniques


in-class sessions that provide an introduction to digital media concepts