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If you are not able to log in to sign up for storage space, add the extention “” to the user name field and then type in your password. (Example:

Back Up Your Project

Take advantage of these tutorials to learn more about using the MC Storage Space:

  1. How to Set Up MC Storage Space
  2. How to Backup and Restore Your iMovie Project using the MC iMovie Backup App
  3. Manually Working with Media Commons Storage Space (PDF)
  4. Manage Your MC Storage Space (review your spaces and add/remove users)

Now Available

Media Commons Backup AppThe Media Commons editing stations now have an automated backup and restore tool, right on the desktop!

You can use this app to simply and easily save your iMovie projects to the MC Storage Space server when you finish working for the day – and copy them back to the computer when you are ready to edit again.

Learn and Practice

Learn how to properly back up an iMovie project to the MC Storage Space by trying our new interactive modules.

Backup/Restore with the App (Module)

Manual Process Module Manual Process Tutorial

Need Help?

If you are not 100% how to back up your project or have questions about using the app or manual process, please:

Contact Us at the Hotline