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Before publishing an Express project you need to license any Adobe Stock images that you used.

This tutorial links to where to sign up for Adobe Stock and the tutorials you may need for how to license Adobe Stock images.

Request Access to Adobe Stock

If you used any of the images that are built into Express, you will need to license those images. You will only need to do this ONCE. Follow this link for Requesting Adobe Stock and complete the form. You will receive a response by email once the request is complete.

Adobe Stock form link: https://adobe.psu.edu/account-support/adobe-stock/adobe-stock-request/


Licensing Adobe Stock Images in Express

Once you have received confirmation of your access to Adobe Stock, you can go back into your Express project and license the images you used. The process is slightly different depending on if your project is a Post, Page, or Video.

See the links below and follow the steps in the tutorial for the type of project you are doing.

Posts: https://mediacommons.psu.edu/2020/04/02/stock-spark-post/

Pages: https://mediacommons.psu.edu/2018/10/01/stock-spark-page/

Videos: https://mediacommons.psu.edu/2020/04/02/stock-spark-video/