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Before you start licensing Adobe Stock Images, you will need to fill out the  Adobe Stock request form

This tutorial shows you how to add and license images directly into an Adobe CC Express Video project.

Once you have access to Adobe Stock, you will be able to search for and add Adobe Stock photos directly into an Adobe CC Express project.


  1. Select the Photo option on a blank slide.
add photo button
  1. Type in what you want to search for and hit Enter or Return.
stock search for photos
  1. Browse through the search results and select the photo you want to add to add it to your project.
stock search results

Your photo will be added to your project.

stock image added to project
  1. Click on the photo in your project to select it.

You will see options for the photo.

Photo options
  1. With the photo selected, click the information button represented by a lowercase “i”-in-a-circle icon, found in the lower-left corner of the photo.
photo info icon
  1. Click the link for View original source page.
Image info popup with option to view original source page
You will be taken to the Adobe Stock website.

  1. Once the page loads, click the blue License button.
License image button on Adobe stock website

NOTE: If the blue button says Re-Download for Free instead of License, no additional action for that image is needed.

Redownload for free button on Adobe stock website

Once the image is licensed, a window will pop open for you to save the image to your computer. You can save it or you can hit Cancel. You do not need to save the image to your computer for it to work in CC Express.

Save window

Once you have completed these steps for all of the built-in photos in your project, you will be able to publish your project.