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Kaltura Tutorials

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Looking for Kaltura support?

Penn State has many wonderful resources for using Kaltura, they are linked below. We also have direct links to tutorials that address questions we are most frequently asked about Kaltura.


Our Suggestions

This tutorial will guide you on how to upload media to Kaltura either in Canvas or MediaSpace.

This tutorial will show you around the My Media Kaltura interface.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to open the video editor in Kaltura, which will enable trimming and cutting of uploaded video.

This tutorial will show you how to edit video and save video within Kaltura.

This tutorial will explain how to add segments and chapters to video content, this can make viewing video assignments easier to navigate.

This tutorial will cover how to change Kaltura’s default permissions to allow videos to be downloaded from Media Space.

This tutorial will walk you through the steps of setting up a space within Kaltura for student project submissions.