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Adobe LogoPenn State students, faculty and staff have access to all of Adobe’s software, like Adobe Creative Cloud Express, free of charge. Please start here to sign up for your own account today. 


In addition to Adobe CC Express, Penn State community members can also download professional tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and more.

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Creating CC Express (Web)Page for Research Fair Poster with Video Intro

Create New CC Express Webpage

  1. Visit express.adobe.com and Sign In with your Penn State ID.
  2. Choose Create a project.
  3. Select Web page.
Select Create a project, then web page.
  1. Style the header area as you see fit with a background Photo, Title and Subtitle.

Create New CC Express Video

  1. Log in to express.adobe.com.
  2. Choose Create a new project, then Video.
Select Create new project, then Video
  1. Title your video project and click Next.
Title your video project
  1. Select a story template or click Start from scratch.
Template selection screen
Not sure how to record a video clip with your computer or mobile phone? Check out this helpful guide to Pitch Videos on our One Button Studio at Home resource.

After recording a clip using your webcam and software like QuickTime or using the front-facing camera on your mobile phone and transferring (using cable, cloud storage apps, etc) to your computer, you can upload this clip to your CC Express Video project.


  1. Click the + button and choose Video.
Add video button
  1. In the file browser that appears, navigate to the location of the clip you’ve recorded and saved or transferred.
  2. Select it and click OK.
Locate your video clip in the file browser
  1. Select how much of the clip you would like to use.

NOTE: If the clip is un-edited, you can trim the beginning and end here.

Trim clip

Spark will process your clip and display the message Saving your video clip… with a progress bar.

Video clip saving progress bar
Is your video clip too long? You can extend a longer clip over multiple CC Express Video slides. Check out our tutorial on the subject.

Spark adds music to your project by default. To disable this, click Music in the upper right and then click the Music on toggle so it turns grey and says Music off.

Toggle music off
  1. Click the Share icon at the top of the CC Express window and then choose Publish.
Select share, then publish.
  1. Set your Publish options in the window that appears.
  2. Click Create link when finished.
Publish options window
  1. Choose Copy to add the link to your clipboard so you can paste it in our next section.

Add Video Intro to CC Express Page

  1. Visit express.adobe.com and re-open your Web page in progress by choosing it from Your recent projects.
  2. Click the + button under your header area and choose Video.
Add video
  1. Paste in the link you copied while publishing your CC Express Video in the previous section.
  2. Click Save.
Link field to add an embedded video

Save Research Poster as Image

On a Mac
  1. From PowerPoint, choose File > Export…
  2. In the file browser, select a location to save to and change the File Format: to JPEG.

mac file browser

  1. Navigate to where you chose to save your exported poster as an image and look for the folder PowerPoint created. Ensure the image looks as you intended the poster to appear before proceeding.

Slide Image

On a PC
  1. From PowerPoint, choose File > Download as Images.

Download as Files

  1. Click Download.

Click Download

This will download as a .zip file. You can also find the folder in your computer’s Downloads folder.

  1. Click Open to see the .jpg of your slide.

Open to View JPG

Add Poster Image to CC Express Page

  1. Click the + button under the video you previously added and then choose Photo.
Add photo
  1. Click the Upload photo button in the right sidebar that appears.
Upload photo button
  1. Choose the display option that you prefer.

NOTE: Full width will give the poster image maximum priority.

Display options

Publish CC Express Page

  1. Click the Share button at the top of the CC Express interface.
  2. Choose Publish and share link.
Select Publish and share link
  1. Set your Publish options in the window that appears and then click Create link.
Publish options window
  1. Copy the link that Spark generates.
  2. You can now paste this link into a Canvas assignment, email to your instructor, etc as needed for your Research Fair.
Sharing window with shareable link field