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This tutorial assumes that you have imported video or other media and created a new project and are now beginning to assemble your project.

Viewing and Selecting Your Clips

Choosing the footage that will be used in your project. The “interview” clip is going to be the base video of the project. The “Lab B-Roll” will be used to cover edits and enhance the visual part of the interview.

Start by clicking on an Event in the Event Library on the left side of the window. Locate a file you want to use in your project.


You can play the interview by clicking at the beginning and pressing the space bar. Press it again to stop playback.

You can also hover over the clip with the mouse to scrub the audio and hear what part of the clip you want.

Event library

Play or scrub over the clip to find where the first interview question ends and where the answer begins. Drag the left side of the yellow selection box to where you want the clip to start or click I on the keyboard to set an In point.

Drag the right side of the yellow selection box to where you want the clip to end or click O on the keyboard to set an Out point.


Click and hold inside the selection box to drag the clip downwards onto the timeline.

Click and hold inside the selection box

Once you have clips in the timeline, you can rearrange them by clicking and dragging them within the timeline.

Rearrange clips by clicking and dragging within the timeline

Editing in the Timeline

There are several tools in FCP that allow you to make more advanced and detailed edits to your footage. The ones you will work with most are the Select/Arrow and Blade tools.

Select from the different tools by clicking on the Arrow icon on the Tool Bar. The icon will change to indicate current selected tool.

Tool bar with options to either select or blade

If you want to move different parts of the same video clip to different parts of your assembled video, you can use the Blade tool to cut it into separate clips. With the Blade tool selected, scrub or play the video to the point where you would like to cut the clip. Once you have found where you want to make the cut, click on the clip and it will be split into two clips.

Using the blade tool on media

This tool can also be utilized to cut out portions of the clip that you don’t want in your video. Once you have cut a clip you want to remove, switch to the Select/Arrow tool (A), click on it and hit the (Backspace) Delete key on your keyboard. If wanted, you can move clips you have cut using Cut (Command-X), Copy (Command-C) and/or Paste (Command-V). Clips will paste where you set your playhead.

Pasting clips with playhead