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What is the Immersive Experiences Lab?

The lab features a space designed specifically for 360° video creation and viewing. Virtual reality headsets, 360° video editing computers, and 360° cameras are housed in the lab. The lab also has a soundbooth for audio recording. The Immersive Experiences Lab is located in 109 Ag Sci & Industries Building.

What is 360° video?

360° video offers a new model for storytelling. 360° video is recorded in all directions at once, allowing viewers to have a more immersive viewing experience. Our specific focus is on instructing the creation of 360° video and making meaningful production decisions to create fully immersive learning experiences.

How does 360° video engage viewers?

This style of video is unique because it allows viewers to experience locations to which they wouldn’t normally have access. 360° video enables empathic storytelling between the storyteller and the audience viewing the video.

Staff + Location

The IMEX Lab in 109 Ag Sci & Industries building, employs full-time and part-time staff who are highly trained on the hardware and software tools needed to complete the most common multimedia tasks. The lab operates under the Media Commons service model with a dedicated consultant and appointment-based reservation system. Students can reserve space using our appointment request form. Instructors can schedule workshops using the workshop request form.

Consultant on Staff

Dan Getz

Media Commons Consultant
Ag Sci & Industries Building