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Student Access to Technology

With the shift to remote or mixed-modes of teaching, students and faculty will be relying more heavily on technology for their classes. The Student Access to Technology Form is a survey template designed by TLT for instructors to distribute to their students to easily gain an understanding of the technology their students have access to during the semester. The results of the survey may also be shared back to the students to efficiently facilitate group work.

Using the Form

In order to use the form effectively, you will first make a copy of it and then distribute your copy to class via a Canvas message or to students via email.

Google Forms Version

-Step 1: Click the three dots in the upper right corner of the form.

Google Form Options

Step 2: Select Make a copy from the drop-down menu.

Make a Copy

Step 3: You have the option to rename the form and select where to save in Google Drive. Then select OK.


Step 4: After you create the copy of the form, click Send.


Step 5: Click the middle icon to generate and Copy a link. (If you are posting in the body of a message, we recommend the Shorten URL option. Now you can send this to your class.)

Generate Link

How to View Results

Step 1: Select Responses.


Step 2: Organize and view the responses either by Summary, Question, or Individual response.

Summary Option

Step 3: (optional) Create a spreadsheet of information from the survey.

Office 365 Forms Version

Step 1: Click the Share button in the corner of the form.

Share Button

Step 2: Copy the link located underneath the Share as a template heading.

Share as Template

Step 3: Open the copied link in a new browser tab or window. Press the Duplicate button to create a copy of the template survey. You will then be able to customize the questions and title of the survey with the copy which you just created.

Duplicate Button

Step 4: To share the survey with your class and collect responses, press the Share button located near the top right corner. Then press the Copy button to copy the link in order to send to your students through Canvas or email. 

Copy Button

How to View Results

Step 1: Select the Responses tab.

Responses Tab

Step 2: Organize and view the responses.

Step 3: (optional) View as a spreadsheet of information from the survey.

Office 365 Spreadsheet