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Whether you’ve been assigned a multimedia project or you’re thinking of assigning one, Media Commons has you covered. Learn more about options for students and faculty alike with this quick guide!


The Student Spotlight on YouTube highlights the best examples of student work from across a variety of classes, all completed by real Penn Staters, just like you. If you’re wrapping up (or even starting) your own video assignment, the Spotlight can give you a sense of what your peers have been capable of achieving – maybe even in the same course you’re in right now!


For instructors thinking of shaking up the classroom with a non-traditional assignment, Media Commons has several useful resources that we’ve developed in-house. In addition to our longstanding Faculty Resources (including case studies, customizable rubrics, etc), we’ve also stepped into the future-facing realms of maker tech and immersive storytelling and have Get Inspired stories that show off real world uses of cutting edge tools. These also offer sample assignments created by our friendly instructional design colleagues so you can get started right away.

Get Inspired (Maker Commons)

Maker Tech

Discover how leaders in the fields of rapid prototyping, 3D printing, digital modeling and more are pushing the envelope in their disciplines with these compelling new tools.

Immersive Storytelling

Discover how leaders in the fields of VR-aided design, 360º filmmaking, AR placemaking and more are pushing the envelope in their disciplines – and imagine them informing your teaching.