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Recording and Retrieving Zoom Presentations

This tutorial will walk you through recording and retrieving a Zoom presentation.

  1. Access Zoom at psu.zoom.us.
  2. To start your session for recording, click on HOST. Start a Meeting
Host button
  1. Once you have logged in, and Zoom has started, you can press Record at the bottom of the Zoom window to begin recording yourself.
Record button

A  pop-up window will ask if you want to Record this meeting to the cloud.


  1. Click Continue.
Record meeting to the cloud

A notice will appear in the top left corner of your Zoom room window.  This indicates that the session is Recording . You have the ability to pause and stop the recording by clicking on the notice.

Recording notice
  1. When you are finished, cease the recording by clicking the square Stop button.

Another pop-up window will ask if you want to Stop Cloud Recording.

  1. Click Stop Recording.
Stop cloud recording

Your meeting recording will be uploaded and processed. When it is ready for playback and sharing, you will receive an email with download links so you can download your recording in mp4 format or get a link to share the video with others via email or CANVAS. 

You will also be able to access your recordings at  https://psu.mediaspace.kaltura.com/my-media or in your account at psu.zoom.us, this time selecting “Sign In,” and then selecting “Recordings” from the menu.