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This tutorial will show you how to import audio assets and use them in your podcast. We will also go over how to fade in and out and adjust audio levels of different clip segments.

Add an Intro, Outro or Sound Effects

If you are looking for supplementary audio files such as music and sound effects. Check out our Free Media Library. Here you can find additional audio assets that are free and at your disposal. 

  1. Move all audio files you need in your project to the folder you created for your project.

Your Auditon project will reference these files, so do not delete them after importing them.


  1. Click File in the upper left of your screen. 
  1. Hover your mouse over Import, and click File.
Import file in file menu
  1. Select your audio assets.

You can select as many as you want by holding Command (Mac) or Control (Windows) and clicking on each file you want. 

Selecting audio assets to import
  1. Click Open in the lower right corner of the window.

This will allow you to import audio files from your computer into your Audition project.  You will want to import both music and sound effects this way for your podcast.

Your files will appear under the Files panel on the top left of your screen.

Files panel
  1. To add music to your project, click on a music file and drag it into the music bed on your timeline.
Music file added to music bed
  1. Click and drag sound effects into the Sound FX track on your timeline.
Sound FX track

Fade your Music and Sound FX

  1. Click and drag the Fade icon (little box) on your music bed to fade in.


Audition Fade icon

The fade will be indicated by a thin yellow line.

Line indicating fade in
  1. You can do this at the end of your music track as well to fade out.
Line indicating fade out

Edit Volume Using Keyframes

Here we will create keyframes to either raise or lower the volume without affecting the whole track.

  1. Click on your audio track and make sure it is highlighted.
  2. Hover over the yellow volume line that runs horizontally down the middle of your music track.

NOTE: Make sure not to be clicking on the white Pan line which is also in the middle of the track. When you click on the line it will create a control point.

Hovering over the volume line
  1. Click along the volume line for multiple control points.
Multiple control points along the volume line
  1. Manually drag the control points up or down to raise or lower the audio.
Manually adjusted control points

Edit Whole Track Volume

You can also edit the volume of the whole audio track in the name panel next to the track. Usually, music is too loud when used underneath a voice track.

Click-and-drag on the left circle in the name panel and drag the volume up or down.