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This tutorial will show you how to preview your page so you can see how it looks to those viewing your page! Please note the distinction between Preview and Present below.

Preview Mode

Once you’ve worked on your Page a bit, you may want to preview what it will look like to others who view your work. To get a preview, click on the Preview button at the very top of your screen.

Preview button
Within Preview mode, you can scroll down through your page and see how it looks. You’ll notice the “+” icons are gone in this view, to show you how your page is going to look to the people viewing it.

To get back to your editing space so you can keep adding to your Page, click on the “X” button in the top-right corner of the screen.

Page preview

Present Mode

You’ll also notice that right next to the Preview button is a Present button. This functions similarly to the Preview mode, but Present mode arranges your page more into a slideshow format, much like PowerPoint.

Present button
Present mode will thus look a little different than your typical Preview. It will not be how your instructor or those viewing your page will see your content. You should go by the Preview mode for that.

Present mode is something that only you can see, and it would be a way to present your page similar to a PowerPoint presentation.

You have some options when you hover over the right-hand side of your Page in Present view: In the top-right hand corner, there is an X to get out of Present mode, and full-screen button.

Exit present mode
In the bottom-left hand corner there is an up arrow and a down arrow, to navigate up and down your Page.
Up and down arrow buttons

To exit back to your edit screen where you can continue working on your page, click on the X in the top-right corner.