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Exporting your finished movie is one of the last steps of the editing process.  This turns all of your edits into a new movie file.  This can be uploaded to YouTube, or embedded into a website or presentation, or burned to a DVD.

When you are ready to export your finished movie you should click on the timeline and then Edit > Select All from the menubar. This helps make sure that you are exporting the entire movie.

Edit menu to select all option

You can then select File > Share > MC Export File…

File drop down menu select share select mc export file

Alternatively, you can click on the Share Project button on the right side of the Toolbar and select MC Export File…

Share project button on right side of toolbar

The Share window will appear and you can review the title, size, and other characteristics of the movie you are about to output. Click Share in the bottom right of this window and the export will begin.

Share window
Save as window

Exporting will take place in the background. To view the progress, click on the Background Tasks  indicator in the top left of the Final Cut window.

The Background Tasks window will open and show you the progress.

Background tasks window

When it has finished sharing, the Share Successful window will appear and the movie will open in QuickTime Player.  The movie will be in the location you selected in the previous step.

Share successful window

This is the file that you will want to use as your final project or use for uploading to YouTube.