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Once you’ve recorded your audio, you will probably want to edit it in some way, whether it’s fixing your mistakes or adjusting the volume.

Once you’ve made a recording, you can play it back by dragging the playhead to the beginning and pressing the spacebar.
Moving playhead
Moving playhead
You can trim of the ends of clips by putting your cursor over the bottom edge of the clip. Click and drag to the point that you want the clip to start or stop.
Trim from start
Trim from end
To make splits in a clip, click on the clip so that it is highlighted in light blue. Next, drag your playhead to where you want to split the clip.
Then click on the Edit tab and then Split Regions at Playhead to cut the track into two parts (Shortcut: Command ⌘ + T). This will split your clip up into two segments, which can now be moved independently of each other.
Splitting audio
Make another split if you wish to remove a segment in the middle of your clip. Once you’ve made a second split, to remove the middle segment, click on it and then press delete on the keyboard.
Splitting audio
Splitting audio
To close the gap, click and drag your second clip to meet the first.
Closing gap
To re-join clips that have splits in them, select the parts you wish to join by either holding down the Shift key and clicking each piece to select them, or click-and-drag the mouse across the clips. Then click the Edit tab and select Join Regions(Shortcut: Command ⌘ + J).
Join regions
GarageBand will give you the following message, so click on Create to join your track together.
Non-contiguous audio message
To adjust the volume of a clip, drag the slider within your track header to the left or right. Be careful not to increase the volume too high or it will distort.
Volume controls