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When using the M-Audio mixer box with microphones to record a podcast there are a few steps that must be taken before use.

Connecting the M-Audio Box

First, make sure the microphones are plugged into the M-Audio box (using the XLR connections).

Then plug the M-Audio box into the computer using the provided USB cable. Make sure the box is powered on and that the Phantom Power switch on the M-Audio Box is turned on and the red light beside it is lit up.

Check to make sure the Channel 1 and Channel 2 volume knobs are at mid range.

Setting Up the Mac

Go to System Preferences by selecting the Apple icon and choosing System Preferences…

System preferences

Then click the Sound icon, designated by a picture of a speaker.

Sound icon

Here you will go to the Input tab at the top of the window and choose Mobile Pre USB. The input volume should be set to about 70% (we can further adjust the volume using the M-Audio Box volume knobs later).

Sound input menu

Setting Up GarageBand

Open the GarageBand application and select the Podcast template. Before you click Create, click on the Details drop down in the lower left-hand corner of the window.


Details drop down in garage band start up window

Some more options will appear below. Make sure Audio Input is set to MobilePre. If it’s not, simply click in the drop-down box and select it. If Audio Output is set to MobilePre, you will need headphones plugged into the M-Audio box in order to hear your recording. If you don’t have headphones or want to listen through the built-in speakers, the audio output settings will have to be changed in System Preferences.

Click Create in the lower right-hand corner of the window, and your project will be created.  Now you are ready to record audio in GarageBand.

Tip: If you are the only person speaking in your podcast, set both microphones up in front of you to get a stereo effect.