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Looking Back: Where Our Projects Originated, Spring 2012 – Spring 2016

Media Assignments by College

Looking back over the last for years, it became pretty clear that our projects originated from both a set of consistent academic colleges as well as a few emerging departments with whom we’ve partnered.

It’s rather obvious that Liberal Arts has been – and continues to be – our top collaborator. The combination of courses that ask students to consider how they are thinking about the world and media projects that often stress the importance of examining information from new angles provides a wealth of opportunities to work together each term. Similarly, the pairing of classes that focus on examining new technology critically and using media technology to document this examination produces natural collaboration with the Information Science and Technology.

On the emergent front, two clear frontrunners are Agricultural Sciences and Earth and Mineral Sciences. These two have continued to field many engaging media projects to enrolled students, a phenomenon born out of dedicated spaces and MC staff being deployed in primary program buildings at University Park. By contrast, though, Health and Human Development and Education projects are a consistent occurrence across the Commonwealth, in particular, much like those stemming from the colleges of Business and Science.

Looking forward, the Maker Commons is primed to have a big impact on the types of projects, both for our longtime partner colleges as well as those with whom we’ve worked less. Keep an eye on future reports to see how those purple bars develop!

Student Examples

Dr. Martha Strickland’s ED PSY 014 at Harrisburg

Dr. Richard Alley’s GEOSC 320 at University Park

Brad Olson’s AEE 440 at University Park

Tammy Bennett’s ERM 499A at University Park

Anne Campbell’s CAS 100H at Behrend

Sample section of RCL 137H at University Park

Dr. Cassandra Miller-Butterworth’s BIOL 220W at Beaver

MinSoo Kim-Bossard’s ECE 451 at University Park

Kathleen Fadigan’s SUST 200 at Abington