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Students who are traveling on the Education Abroad trip to Ireland over Spring Break 2013 will have the option to produce a multimedia project for their embedded courses. These projects will be shared with other students through the campus student newspaper web site and other campus platforms.


Students will use iPad minis to record their experiences in Ireland as they study abroad and then complete edits for sharing online upon their return.

Student Videos

Penn State New Kensington Travel Abroad: Ireland by Shanna W


I picked mine up this week and have begun to use it with a good amount of success. Your training was definitely helpful for me!

Shanna W

Great! Can’t wait to see your finished videos.

Nick Smerker, Media Commons


Students in this course ranged in video project experience from never having done a formal project and only shooting video for fun on their phones to having completed a basic narrated slideshow in iMovie on the Mac. Even with a seemingly steep learning curve, all participants found that the iPad mini made it very simple to document their experiences while in Ireland – from taking notes to actually recording videos and capturing pictures.

Criticism of the iPad mini focused on the inherent difficulties iOS devices introduce when attempting to transfer media from other devices into software like the mobile version of iMovie. Students also found it cumbersome to work with titles and the Ken Burns effect, especially after using the desktop version of iMovie.

Students found that the quality of the camera and convenience of having it in an all-in-one device made it better than using their own stand alone cameras on the trip. As a replacement for both camera and laptop, they rated the iPad mini very highly, praising its size and battery life as well as the rugged case Media Commons provided. Overall, the iPad mini made it possible to learn more about Ireland than the students would have otherwise because of how simple it was to complete their video projects with it.

Abhinav AimaAbhinav Aima
New Kensington
AM ST 105 & COMM 001

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