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Graham Berg

Graham Berg

Media Commons Consultant
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Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Graham Berg and I’m an (occasionally-traveling) Media Commons Consultant out of University Park. I’m based in the Pollock Building, but travel to the Commonwealth campuses a few times a month as needed, to provide multimedia support and training. Typically, this takes the form of One Button Studio maintenance and consultation. When not traveling, I provide the same multimedia consultation and instruction to students, faculty, and staff as they work on their projects at UP.

I went to school for film production, and have a strong love of physical and digital media. I’ve planned, filmed, edited, and generally lost a lot of sleep over many a personal film project. I’m also a big music nerd, and spend most of my free time playing guitar or listening to a good album.

What equipment do you use?

Ever since I bought a MacBook for college back in 2008, I have been pretty much all Apple-based. I use a MacBook Pro everyday, both at work and at home, and I put a lot of trust in my iPad. In terms of phones, I recently made the treacherous switch to Android (Pixel 2 XL), but put a lot of trust in my phone, too.

When I’m not taking notes on my laptop, my notebook of choice is a Moleskine, coupled with a Pilot G2 pen (0.7mm). Even though reliability of technology has grown by leaps and bounds, there is still something safe and satisfying about physically writing a thought down.

What apps are your favorite?

I take a lot of notes and make a lot of lists, so the Notes app, both on my computer and phone, is essential. For video editing, I typically use Final Cut Pro, and occasionally Adobe Premiere. Photoshop has also long been a favorite program of mine, and Illustrator is rising to the top as well.

When it comes to recording music, Logic Pro X is pretty remarkable. And now Apple has made GarageBand very similar in look and basic function, so that usually does well for a quick recording.

And, though it’s probably implied, it’s also worth mentioning that not much would get done throughout the day without a good mail app (I’m partial to Gmail), Calendars, Google Docs, and Slack to communicate and organize!