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This tutorial will show you how to draw lines and adjust their appearance

Creating a Line

  1. Long-click the Rectangle tool in the tool panel.
rectangle icon in tool panel

This will bring up other shape options, including the Line tool.

  1. Click Line Segment Tool to select it.
long click rectangle tool to access line tool
  1. Click-and-drag to draw a line.
click and drag to make line

Tip: Holding the Shift key on the keyboard while dragging will snap the line to 0º 45º or 90º depending on which you are trying to draw.

hold shift while dragging to snap to zero, 45 or 90 degrees

Adding Color to Your Line

You will find the appearance settings for your shape in the Properties panel. If you don’t see the Properties panel, you can access it from Window in the menu bar.

The default appearance for lines is no color.


  1. Click the Stroke color swatch.
default appearance panel for lines

The swatches panel will open.

  1. Select the color you want.

Your line will have a 1pt thickness with the color you selected.

click on the stroke fill swatch to open the swatches panel

Changing the Thickness of Lines

To make the stroke thicker or thinner, click the dropdown for the stroke in the appearances panel.

You can also use the up and down arrows to adjust it.

use the arrows or drop down next to stroke to change the line thickness

You will see the new thickness of your line.

line with color and 5 point thickness

Additional Line Settings

There are additional settings and adjustments you can make to lines that are not seeing in the Properties Panel. You can access them by clicking on the word Stroke in the Appearances Panel

click on the word stroke to get more settings

To make the ends of your line rounded, you can change the end cap.

additional line settings panel

The middle cap button is the rounded setting.

make the line ends rounded by selectng a different cap

Click on it to apply rounded end caps to your line.

line with rounded caps

Save Your Progress

Save your progress by selecting Save in the File menu.

save from file menu