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This tutorial shows how you can adjust the color of video and images in your Premiere Rush project.

Color Adjustments

If you don’t like the appearance of a video clip or image in your video, you are able to make adjustments to it.

Video clip that needs color corrections
  1. Click the Color button (three overlapping circles) in the refinement tools at the top right of the Premiere Rush interface.
Color adjustment icon
This will open the Color tools pane.

  1. You can either choose from several Presets and/or adjust the color of your asset manually.
Color preset selection
For this clip, we choose the SL Kodak preset.

  1. To adjust the color manually, click the Edit tab in the Color tools pane.

If you selected a preset before clicking over to Edit, you will see how your image or video was adjusted and then make further adjustments.

manual color adjustments
  1. When you’re done making adjustments, click the Color button again to close the Color tools pane.

Below is the video before and after color adjustments:

before and after color adjustments