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iMovie has a feature that allows users to create custom animated maps to place in their video. This tutorial will outline exactly how to create and include one of these maps in your video.

To start, we want to locate the Maps and Backgrounds section under Content Library in the very bottom left corner of iMovie. Clicking this button will show us the Maps and Backgrounds Browser in the Events window.

Content library maps and backgrounds

At this point we can choose what style of map we would like to use. Once chosen, simply click and drag that map to any point in your Timeline and drop it.

Choosing style of map and dragging it

Now you will see the map on your Timeline. Select the map clip by double-clicking it, and you will see some new settings appear above your video in the Viewer window of iMovie.

Route of map

From here, you can change what Style the map will appear in, and the Route that the animation will follow. Simply click the Style button to change the style.

Style bar

Next, click the left-hand Route button. You will now be able to search/choose an airport or city that you would like to use. Not all cities are available but you should be able to find something close. You can then change the Name to display on map at the bottom of this window. iMovie defaults to San Francisco as a starting point. When you find a location you want to use, simply click Done.

Route button

Now, select the right-hand Route button to search for and select the ending destination for the animated map. The left-hand location will always be the starting city, and the right-hand will always be the destination. To reverse the two, simply click the icon in between them that looks like a sideways “S.”

Once you select your start and end points, iMovie will automatically animate a map between those two places.

Animation of route

To exit the Maps & Backgrounds window and return to the clips in your Event Library, simply find your event along the left sidebar of iMovie and select it to bring your clips back.

Event library