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This tutorial will show you how to add an introductory paragraph to your page.

Once you’ve created your page, the next step is to add an introductory paragraph so viewers know who you are and what your blog is about.

To do this, we are going to add text into your page. Scroll down from your title, and you will see another “+” icon. This icon always indicates where you can add content.


  1. Click on the + icon.
Add content menu
To add an introduction, you want to select the Text option from this toolbar.

  1. Click on the big T that says Text.

Once you do, it will automatically give you space to enter your text.

Enter text
  1. Write an introduction to yourself and your blog, so people can get a sense of what they’re about to read.
Example text
You’ll also notice that when you enter text, it gives you a toolbar above to edit different aspects of what you’re typing. You can adjust the justification, make text bold and italicized, and create lists.

You can also turn this standard text into header text. Since this into paragraph needs to stand out, we want to turn this paragraph into an H2 header. To do this, highlight your paragraph, and then click on H2 in the top toolbar.

Header text
Changing to this header text will make your text bigger, and depending on the theme you have active, it should change the color as well.

Now you have an introductory paragraph underneath your title that stands out and introduces your blog.