The iTunes U Dashboard is a web-based application (navigated via your web browser) and is primarily used by faculty to create new iTunes U space for their course. Once a space is setup, you must use iTunes U (within the iTunes application) to upload files and customize your space. If you have and iTunes U course setup for the semester, you can click on them in the Dashboard to edit them in iTunes U.

First access iTunes at Penn State by going to

First you will need to login to iTunes U by clicking Log in to iTunes U. iTunes will launch and once it finishes loading, go back to

Podcasting Solutions

Click the iTunes U Dashboard link to access your dashboard.

iTunes U Dashboard

Your dashboard should indicate that you are logged into iTunes U by displaying your user id and having a link for New Podcast near the top of the screen.

Podcasting at Penn State

Proceed by clicking the New Podcast link.

Once you click the New Podcast link you will be directed to a new page that will list of all course sections you are an instructor of record for. Please select a section or sections for which this podcast will be setup for. Selecting multiple course sections will create a single iTunes U course which all sections you select will be able to access.

Note: You will only see classes you are teaching for the current semester. You will not be able to create any new course sections for the Fall semester in iTunes U until August.

New Podcast

Once you’ve selected your course(s), enter the name you would like your course to be called in iTunes U. For example, if you are teaching Forestry 201, section 001 at University Park for the Fall 2012 semester, then you could enter, FOR201.001 FA2012: UP.

In the field titled Podcast Description enter a brief description about your course.

In the next field labeled Templates, you can setup your iTunes U course with some basic configurations that fit your needs and your students’ needs so that you can begin customizing and uploading content quickly. If you’re not sure what you need, just select the Default Template. You will be able to do any customization you need within iTunes U after the course is created.

Under Set Access for Podcast, as an editor you can control who can view and edit your content. Viewing Access allows users to see but not edit content. Editing Access allows users to upload and delete files, as well as customize other information such as: Course Name, Description, Tab Names, Tab Access (setting up drop boxes, etc.) and Adding Links.

You can specify additional users who can edit your course. For example, an instructional designer, local tech support, etc.

Note: Your TAs should already have access to the course. Enter only Penn State User IDs here.

Set Access

In the last section, titled Populate Via RSS, you can pre-populate your course with content from another podcast. To do so, enter the feed URL here. Feed URLs are provided by most podcasts and are usually indicated by an orange square RSS or XML icon. Providing a valid feed URL will populate a single tab in your course with the content from that feed. You can create additional tabs to populate with your own content, or to use as a drop box for students.

Feed URL

Finally, click the button labeled Create New Podcast Now which will take you to a confirmation page. Once you’ve click the Create New Podcast Now button, wait 5 – 10 minutes for your content to populate.


Once your course has been created, your dashboard will list your class podcasts and will have links to change access and view your course in iTunes.

Dashboard with Podcast

If you need assistance using the iTunes U Dashboard please contact us at

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